Traveling is fun.

I like traveling.

I like traveling. When I was in Japan, I was a domestic traveler than I traveled abroad. I went to Karuizawa for the first time last summer vacation. When I lived in Aomori, the sound of Karuizawa was really good and it was a very admired place. When I went there was a really beautiful nature and the meal was delicious and it was a very nice place. I also like Hawaii, but I can not go abroad unless I have a long holiday. There are many places that I have not done yet. Okinawa, Hiroshima and Osaka. I'd like to go out to a place I have never seen before but in a lifetime. When becoming an adult and going around Japanese temple etc., and going to famous symbol tower etc. place changed to quite fresh and tasty place. At that time, I think that Japan is a success. If I have time and money to go in the future I would like to go to various places in Japan to taste various cultures and keep talking to memories and I always talk to Danna. In Japan, food is delicious and it is the best to travel.

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