Traveling is fun.

I like domestic travel.

I like domestic travel. First of all, there are no countries that can feel the season as much as Japan. Because it is an elongated country of about 3000 kilometers north and south, it shows various aspects from season to season. Also, delicious, eating in the region that you can eat relatively relievedly, fun such as hot springs that are unique to the volcanic archipelago are packed. Especially hot springs are looking forward to it. When I say traveling, I will find places where there is a hot spring. Because I live in the city center, the hot spring which enters while looking at the green with the open sky is the time of private clothes that can be thought from the bottom of my heart that my body and mind are healed and I am glad that I am Japanese. I think how to compare it with a foreign journey, but there are so many good things in Japan, much less over all, so I first saw my country, Japan at Tsumuraura, eat, experience around My desire is to want. I have never been to Kyushu or Hokkaido so I definitely want to go there soon. Among them, parents want to see lavender in Hokkaido, so early in Hokkaido. Although I feel charm overseas traveling, there are also many troublesome things such as security problems, time consuming just by traveling. Domestic travel is attractive where there is no such inconvenience.