Traveling is fun.

Recently, traveling abroad is a tributary! It is! Anything,

Recently, traveling abroad is a tributary! It is! Anything, ""cheap"" You can get at a price that you can not think of in the past! It is! I can go somewhere in Korea on a day trip! It is! But overseas, language, culture and race are of course different! It is! Traveling is also an aim to put a breath away from reality! It is! However, I am worried about where overseas is somewhere. Communication also does not go well, meals do not match with the mouth ... ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ becoming stress ・ ・ ・ on experience. But, domestically, culture, diet, race! It is! Everything is healed! You can be relieved! I think that the problem of healing is satisfied at least from overseas! It is! Surprisingly, a hidden spot you do not know even in the domestic ・ a culture which I did not know ・ And I can recognize it as a Japanese again! It is! Certainly there may be high places, but there should be enough worth it! It is! For those who have a certain age, I definitely think domestically is advantageous, and it is still domestic for my filial piety! It is! I want you to feel safe in the country and spend it slowly! It is! ""Domestic age !!""